Our History

Founded in 1999, under the name of FISA (Federation Internationale de Soccer Association), it is the largest football association both at a national and international level. It created a prominent football tournament known as the "International Cup". In 2016, a separate organisation was founded called the "Micronations World Cup", which would initially be a separate tournament. However, in 2018 the unification of both tournaments was officially announced. From 2018 to 2019 both organisations traded the name of FIFAM (Federation International of Football Association & Micronations), organizing only the 2019 World Cup.

Currently, the FIIFA has the mission of managing football at an international level both for micronations and for independent football associations that wish to collaborate for the development of football, thus having subdivisions at the regional level and with a president for each one.

The FIIFA™ agreed that Status and Regulations should be created for a good understanding of  Micronational Interactive Football.


Welcome to the Micronations World Cup™ Regulations, as every tournament requires a regulation, in this section you will know about its functions, rules and statutes.

Well to start the Micronations World Cup™
 is a tournament Organized by the FIIFA™ has its origin since June 2016, in the Participate 16 Micronations.

As of 2016, the Executive Committee approved that Micronations participate in the Organization, and of course the Organizing Committee of the Micronations World Cup™ is an organization, that means that their tournaments are through Video Games, and the accepted platforms are: Xbox, Play station, PC, Etc. "PES Pro Evolution Soccer" FIFA EAsports, only in case of lack of teams and / or nations in PES). For simulations are accepted to: and (only the result will be counted).

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